We are CHARLIE!!!


Je suis Charlie. …

This is what’s been on our minds the past few horrifying days….
I’ve been asking myself this now for 3 times in the past 3 month’s. ..
Who are we? Where does this world stand?
Watching over tragedies not only in Western countries like Canada, Australia and now even France – and others like Syria or the Gaza Strip I can’t recall why people are actually being cruel to each other. What makes a death of one person who is as innocent than everyone else on this planet become a victim? What makes us believe we can judge upon a human being at all and take matters in our own hands?… I’m not only talking about the victims by themselves I’m talking about people who are a victim of their own bad thoughts as well..?…
it’s undeniable that someone has to stop and stand in peace with him-/herself thinking about this song of the late Michael Jackson – we are the world – and really feel what’s been and always will be most important in everyone’s life – PEACE….

I can only refer to my last entry and say WE ARE THE WORLD…
If anyone will ask again “who are you and where are you from? ” the world should answer with
“We are those children – we are CHARLIE!!!!”

May everyone be blessed from the bottom of my heart!!

it’s about time to acknowledge some things. …

After taking a serious break from this entire www. I’ve been thinking about some things that have been around a lot in the media or close to everywhere you look and go, so I wanted to acknowledge this…if just one person feels like I do, it’s more than I can ask for at this time. ..

I’m sure everyone of you has been using it or even uses it waaaayyyy too much for random things to just say something that actually has been so powerful but yet got downgraded to just a word to describe dislike or discomfort towards situations and things or even worse!!! A PERSON! !!!!

Being a mother I start to look at the world at very different angle. Short: where does all this hate come from? ????

I stumbled across this picture and thought it is so powerful and wise that I wanted to use it for my new post. (Thanks to @unclerush for uploading it, it meant a lot to me and my following thoughts!)..

We have never been this educated, but yet so full of anger. Why is this?
I actually can’t really answer it myself, but maybe it’s because we became so numb towards all of these disturbing things going on in this life, that just jealousy is the only thing we actually do feel right away? !?! And we all know where useless jealousy is heading into. …Unfortunately we all do.

Today I’ve been reading a blog post by someone really inspiring to me, Tosca Reno. She was talking about the terrible things that have been changing an entire country’s outlook at its system and well being…. I felt deeply touched and shattered….- not just by this incident, I feel like this every time I watch news or read them!

The word “Hate” has gotten out of hand and it should stop!!!
Stop using it to describe your discomfort towards vegetables (;-)), things, the weather, a person or an entire country!!!
People have to get away from their elbow mentality and truly connect with what is important to all of us…peace!
Stop bullying, stop hating and finally start to love…

Start with yourself first!!! One step at the time. ……



Appreciate everything that you have….


Its been awhile… But now I found the time to get back to my passion…Thanks for stopping by….

The past month has been a steady up and down. There has been a time where everything just worked out and days I could have tossed it all into a corner and leave, but this PIC above made me keep going…

Even though I am not an Angel myself I strongly believe, that if you have the power to do good for someone in any way – you should just do it… Don´t hesitate to send out a smile to someone on the streets if you feel like it. Call your old friend if you just think about him or her…Help your neighbor, don´t just think the world will be evolving only around you. Trust me, there will be times where these people will remember this little action of yours and it will make their day….

Put your smile and your positive attitude towards the world you are living in and believe that you can help and change it every day a little bit for the better….


Dreams do work… just believe in it!

bilder 07.03 385

This week`s post will be a bit of a first thank you to all of the people who have been klicking and reading this here…. Dospirational is somehow a bit of my own dream… It came from inspiration and just DOing something. Funny fact is that my name starts with a DO as well…Go figure…:-) So thank you for reading and giving me the time of your day…. I´m very grateful to have my dream of writing shared with you…

I personally think I´m a doer myself with a bit of hesitance towards things that I don´t really know too much about (sounds weird I guess)…Which little girl or boy doesn`t dream about being a princess or ballerina or a movie star, a astronaut or the president…..(for some it does come true, which we all know…) but instead while we are growing up, this dream we have is slighty being pushed away by the surroundings we are living with. We do forget what the Dream was about and start living the “normal” life… But who actually told us to give up on a Dream???!!!! Well, it depends… It`s either the parents, the siblings or even the friends or people we used to know or still do…

We stop believing that what we once thought will be our live and go ahead in what they told us we should rather do to provide a living and pay our bills. Most people never find the strength to get out of the 9 to 5 thing that pays our bills and makes us so comfortable but yet so miserable. I agree that it takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak your mind, be free and open towards things you always wanted for yourself or maybe just discovered. But indeed I believe that every one of us is capable of achieving something for themselves, even if it’s just the tiniest thing and maybe stupid or weird to others…

We need to get back to our dreams and live them…..Take a little step for your Dream and keep the smile you once had as a child and transform it into a big grin in adulthood…………now go and become the new you (or the next president :-))……….

Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer….

bilder 07.03 494

This week brought me back to this very fitting picture I once stumbled on and thought it might be a good idea to put a few thoughts into it…

Who hasn`t been there? You think you found it – whatever it might be…maybe your perfect job, the perfect dress or even the perfect relationship…. but then, all of the sudden the bubble pops…..

So what is there to do????

I came across two types of people this far in my life: The ones who just keeping their head low and take whatever struggle is being put in their way as something that happens and won`t even consider changing a thing in the process of it. (Those are the people I admired whilst I grew up, because I was never like them….) These people are using the “common way” of looking at failures… I don´t think nor even say that this is even wrong, not at all. But then there is the other group of people: These are the ones that keep thinking “Why does this happen?” or “Is there a purpose in it”… This is at least some of the things that have been bugging me in situations like this… I have to say, its pretty hard to see the good in the bad times, but its sooooo worth it.

Once you started it – I promise – you will come across a lot of “why`s?” that lead you to a better you. It won´t be always a happy place to be looking into, but it will lead you to something you might thought you can never ever be or achieve…

Because sometimes you win and sometimes you learn…..

Keep walking like there is something bigger to achieve, no matter how much you struggling in the process of it. Keep this in your head meanwhile, it is so powerful and will make you smile….

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it…”




Hey Guys…welcome to my first steps



So, here we start. I just wanted to find something that would make it easy to talk about….Maybe someone likes it. let me know…

Who can say these days, that having the time to make their souls happy is neccessarily given?!? I truly don`t know anyone – unfortunately.

But why do we run like there is no tomorrow? Who says that we have to be in a constant struggle about time, dates and things need to be done? Can you remember when you was back in school and you and your girls said “let´s meet at 3pm”…,and everybody was there at 3?! Well I do!!! And I clearly miss these days a lot.

Especially looking at my own child I get a bit worried how all of this will keep the value of giving someone their “word” on something is taking a deep, deep fall. Don`t missunderstand me, I´m not here to say this or that way is better or worse, but it makes me really think if finding the right time for a playdate is close to the amount of work you need to do for tax filing; might be the wrong turn for the time issue we constantly struggle with….

So what is there to do?

I would say get back to your old ways, at least try a little bit for yourself. I found myself enjoying the time I take for my soul just a little bit more like this…… Turn your phones and devices off – from time to time – and just do YOU!!!!